Watch my ‘Wild Apples’ story told on video

Watch my ‘Wild Apples’ story told on video
A video of me telling my “gently unnerving” Wild Apples story. First published by Dark Mountain it’s retold here for the Flying Monkeys Storytellers during National Storytelling Week 2021.

I filmed this version on my own one late-January afternoon at Lower Hewood Farm in Dorset. I wanted to bring the wild into the story and make the voices of place part of the telling in an attempt to present a less human-dominant performance. That seemed necessary given the subject matter of the story.

Technical minded people would say I should have used a windshield on the microphone, but I tried to welcome the sound and make a place for it along with the birdsong. The sounds of the birds and the trees and the wind are part of it.

What do you think happens to Francis at the end?

Sara Hudston

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