‘The wild is in us and we are in the wild’

‘The wild is in us and we are in the wild’

I’m giving a talk at The Other Side near Sherborne on Saturday 11 November. It’s about unearthing buried stories in Dorset. Paul Theroux once wrote: “Everything I had expected to find in Africa I found on the edge of the Marshwood Vale. I was fascinated but I was also a little frightened. These are the emotions that produce fiction.”

I hope you can come along and hear more – the event is in Church Studio, Haydon from 6-10pm, home of Denman & Gould. The evening also features traditional English folk songs from Dominie Hooper and Nick Hart. A free event with voluntary donations in support of Sherborne Food Bank.

Other Side flyer
‘Under the Bridge’ photo by Kerrie Ann Gardner.

Sara Hudston

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