The Empty Countryside

The Empty Countryside

‘Our yearning for rewilding can run the risk of placing humans somehow outside of nature, maybe even counter to it. This gives people special status; a version of the old idea that humans occupy some kind of unique category distinct from the rest of the living world.’

A piece for the Dark Mountain blog about how a deep and intimate connection to place is being eroded in the English countryside. Compared to the past, it is the empty countryside.

I wrote – and re-wrote – this piece over a year. I started the first draft in August 2016 after the Brexit vote. Then, as time went by, the deeper issues surfaced. So I wrote it again, and again, until the Brexit element had dropped out of sight. It’s still there though, like a submerged boulder.

Pilsdon Pen Marshwood Vale
Lamb on Pilsdon Pen. Photo by Kerrie Ann Gardner.

Sara Hudston

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